Claudette Osborne-Tyo

Fifteen days after the birth of her daughter, a young mother goes missing. Claudette Osborne-Tyo had a life filled with pain and demons. She had a loving partner, and four beautiful children. However none of this could erase her pain. For 10 years, her family has been looking for answers.

If you have any information regarding Claudette Osborne, please contact Project Devote Tip line: 1-888-673-3316

To reach the National Inquiry by phone, please call the toll-free line at 1-844-348-4119
If you or your family has been affected by this, and need resources, please contact Crisis Line 1-844-413-6649 A national, toll-free crisis call line is available to provide support for anyone who requires assistance. This line is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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