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Halifax Explosion

Halifax was devastated on 6 December 1917 when two ships collided in the city’s harbour, one of them a munitions ship loaded with explosives bound for the battlefields of the First World War. What followed was one of the largest human-made explosions prior to the detonation of the first atomic bombs in 1945. The north end of Halifax was wiped out by the blast and subsequent tsunami. Nearly 2,000 people died, another 9,000 were maimed or blinded, and more than 25,000 were left without adequate shelter.

Karissa Boudreau

A mother reports that her 12 year daughter ran away in a snow storm. After a 14 day search, the daughter is found is a snowbank dead. At first glance, she appears to have been sexually assaulted. However something more sinister occurred. One off hand comment by someone close to her turns a peaceful town on its head.