Betty Osborne Part 2

Welcome to the left behind podcast. This podcast focuses on the missing and murdered in Canada. Today, I will be discussing the evidence of all four persons involved in the murder of Helen Betty Osborne. Those involved were Dwayne Archie Johnston, James Robert Paul Houghton, Lee Scott Colgan and Norman Bernard Manger, four young, Caucasian men from The Pas, MB. It was not until Constable Rob Urbanoski took over the investigation and placed an ad in the local newspaper asking for witnesses to come forward 16 years later that those involved were brought to justice., I will also be talking about the community of the The Pas, MB, including its police force, residents both Indigenous and non-indigenous person, and finally The aftermath of Betty Osbournes’ murder. If you have not checked out Part One of podcast about Helen Betty Osborne, I encourage you to do so.